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Simulation Software for Thin-Film Optics and Drift-Diffusion

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4 different simulation modules of setfos for absorption, drift-diffusion, scattering, birefringence and emission


  • OLED and solar cell simulation software for optical and electrical modeling of semiconducting devices.

  • Designing OLED & solar cells based on organic semiconductors, perovskites and quantum-dots.

  • Four different modules to simulate light emission, absorption, scattering and charge transport.

  • Multithreading ensuring high speed computation.

  • Fitting and optimization algorithms are included.

  • Outstanding track record: 13 years in industry and academia resulting in over 100 scientific publications.


Setfos Tutorial Video

Grafical User Interface

  • Intuitive access to device structure, material parameters, working files, simulation output.

  • Optimization Toolbox to maximize the device efficiency.

  • Sweep function to analyze the influence of the material parameters on the device efficiency.

  • Easy access to a library of simulation examples and material property database.

OLED Modeling

Setfos simulates OLEDs from charge injection to light extraction. The graphical user interface makes it easy to analyze and improve your devices. Modeling OLEDs from the material selection to the definition of the most efficient stack.

  • Modeling charge transport and recombination with the Drift Diffusion module.

  • Analyze optical emission spectra and wave-guided mode contributions with the Emission Module

  • Design out-coupling layers for efficiency and color stability.

  • Design scattering layers to enhance the light out-coupling with the Advanced Optics Module

  • Advanced device physics: quenching, excitons, traps, doping, AC & transient responses, ...

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Solar Cell Modeling

Easily calculate the short circuit current (Jsc), open circuit voltage (Voc) and fill factor. Tweak the layer stack and add light scattering layers to enhance light absorption.   

  • Specific for organic, quantum-dots and perovskite-based solar cells

  • Optimize the device for the AM1.5 (or for specific wavelengths) with the Absorption Module

  • Curve fitting (current-voltage characteristics) & parameter extraction.

  • AC simulation of transient experiments, as photo-CELIV. Easy to couple with the electrical characterization systems Paios.

  • Advanced device physics: SRH-recombination, excitons, ...

  • Designing anti-reflection coatings or transparent solar cells.

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Device Optimization

Setfos contains a powerful optimization engine that can be used to find the device layout giving the highest efficiency, or to fit parameters to experimental data.
You can choose the result visualization to interpret easily the obtained data.

The option Mode Analysis allows to break down the emission into the different emission channels.  



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Simulation Software for Thin-Film Optics and Drift-Diffusion