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Platform for Stability Tests on Solar Cells and OLEDs

代碼 Litos

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Litos is an advanced solar cell and LED lifetime measurement system. It has 32 parallel stressing channels distributed over 4 airtight weathering chambers. Each sample has an individual temperature and illumination control. Wide range of stressing techniques inside a highly-controlled experimental environment, full automation and a possibility of interfacing Litos with Paios for in-depth degradation analysis, make it a primary choice for researchers that want to understand the degradation behavior of organic, perovskite and quantum-dots based LEDs and solar cells.

We offer a flexible design compatible with samples of different layout. Both top and bottom-emitting LEDs are compatible.

PV, LED and hybrid configurations available.

       For Solar Cells

  • Maximum power point tracking, constant voltage/current

  • Two-colour LED illumination with UV (configurable)

  • >10 sun equivalent illumination for accelerated testing

  • In-situ UV-vis absorption possible for bleaching detection (extra spectrometer module)

  • In-situ PL and EL measurements possible


    For OLEDs

  • Constant current, constant light, constant voltage

  • Bottom and top emitter- compatible

  • In-situ spectrometer available (extra module)

  • Luminescence measurements

  • Patented OLED accelerated aging and lifetime estimation integrated



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Platform for Stability Tests on Solar Cells and OLEDs